How to make green tea taste better

how to make green tea taste better

Often many people refuse to try green tea because of one thing: the taste.  This is most likely because they had a bad experience with a green tea at some point in time.

The most important thing to remember is this: green tea is not bitter. At all. Most of green tea has a somewhat  grassy  taste and some are near sweet or nutty.

If a green tea is bitter, there are two possible reasons:

  • you have tried bad quality tea
  • the tea was not brewed  properly


First of all, you must choose a good green tea. Only then you worry about preparation. After you have some decent tea, try to brew it properly. Most often people use too much green tea or too hot water.

We have listed quite a few methods on our site but we recommend you to try the bowl method at first. It will really introduce you to the flavor of the  green tea and you can’t   go wrong with that method.

In conclusion, to improve the taste of your green tea you should first  find a good green tea,  then try our bowl method and then check our brewing techniques page to learn how to make green tea with other teaware.


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