The Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Many of us struggle with maintaining good health and high energy levels throughout the year. Some of us even suffer from serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. There are a myriad of natural cures for a wide range of ailments and diseases. There are vitamins, supplements, powders, and formulas available for a wide variety of physical and mental health issues. One of the most effective and affordable health products on the market today is green tea and green tea extract.

Green tea extract is an extract made out of green tea. Green tea has been enjoyed in Asian countries for hundreds of years. Green tea is pleasant to drink, acts as a natural stimulant, reduces excess water in the body, helps the body to heal, and even protects heart health. A regular consumption of green tea also improves memory and the ability to concentrate, stabilizes blood sugar levels in the body and promotes homeostasis of core body temperature.

Because green tea is made form non-fermented leaves, it maintains a higher level of polyphenols than black or smoked teas. These polyphenols act as powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help to remove toxins from the body. Toxins in the form of free radicals can damage DNA and alter cells in such a way that they become vulnerable to a variety of diseases, including cancer. A high level of free radicals in the body also accelerates the aging process and can increase inflammation throughout the body.

A regular consumption of green tea or an extract made out of green tea will help to lower levels free radicals in the body and slow down the progression of diseases or even prevent diseases from developing in the first place. For example, one of the most profoundly beneficial effects of green tea is the ability of the polyphenols in the tea to help stop the proliferation of cancer cells. A regular, daily consumption of green tea may even be able to kill deadly cancer cells. The chemical constituents in green tea are particularly effective at fighting lung, skin, bladder, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and stomach cancer cells.

The polyphenols in green tea also block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, helping to slow down or even ameliorate the progression of heart disease. This is due to the ability of the polyphenols to reduce levels of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood. Additionally, the active ingredients in green tea are able to stabilize blood sugar levels by regulating levels of glucose in the body. Additionally, the beneficial constituents in green tea have antiviral and antibacterial activities in the body, which help to fend of flues of all kinds, including the common cold.

If you are drinking green tea for its beneficial medicine effects, drinking several cups every day will have the most pronounced benefits. A high quality, organic green tea is recommended. If you find that drinking several cups of green tea a day is inconvenient, you may wish to purchase green tea extract. A high quality extract will have many of the same beneficial effects as freshly brewed green tea, but in the convenience of a highly portable capsule. Extracts made from green tea are widely available at many health food stores. If you find it difficult to find this supplement in your local health food store, it is readily available through many online retailers.

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